2020.04.16 - Do Your Laundry

anna3Baby Goat here... popping in with a reminder that is strictly for me - do your laundry!

But in all seriousness... there seems to be 2 running camps during this trying time... those that are getting out the door more than ever and utilizing this time to train like a madman, and those that for whatever reason... are really struggling to get out the door. If your training is going great... I'm so proud of you! If you're in my camp... where getting out the door seems more difficult than ever - we're in this together! Let's work to remove ONE thing that is in our way. For me, it is the laundry. If I wake up and had planned to run, but can't find the right pants, socks etc.... I will scrap the whole thing! What is your "missing favorite pants," that is one little roadblock on your way out the door? Set yourself up for success each day... schedule the time to get out for a safe and solo run, and have everything you need ready to go the night before!

Life is hard enough right now, help yourself out,

Baby Goat, a (not quite as) obsessed runner, who made a plan for tomorrow and I've got my favorite pants clean and ready to go!

2020.04.08 - Reinvent Your Run

randy freepThere are events called " The Back Yard Ultra", where the competitors run a 4.167 mile loop, on the hour, every hour, until there is only one runner left. (If you are not back lined up at the starting line at the hour, you are out) The 4.167 mile distance makes for a total of 100 miles at 24 hours. The current record, 67 hours, around 280 miles. Yikes! I have found that using a variation of this makes for an inspiring way to get in a very long run. Pick any distance loop and any time limit to do it. Say, 1 mile in 11 minutes. Finish in 9 minutes, rest, stretch, get a drink or whatever then head out at 10 minutes, again at 20 minutes ... Until you can't make it to the start line. Even more fun is to do this with a group of friends, virtually for now, getting on the phone with them every deadline/start time and cheering each other on. Another variation, Have the time for each loop get reduced by one minute. An example, start with 13 minute limit for loop one, 12 minutes for loop 2 ... As the limit gets shorter, your rest period eventually evaporates. Dan, a member of the RF Events crew, along with his son, just ran 5 miles, every 4 hours, for 24 hours. 30 miles, sleep deprivation ... Yes, Dan is a wild man. Dream up your own system and shake up your next long run!

May today's run blow your mind!

Randy Step, an admitted obsessed runner who is missing the spring races and all of you. Be safe, be well and we will all be out there together soon.

PS: We are crossing our fingers that the Island Time 6, 12, 24 hour run will take place on May 29 & 30. Over 7 weeks away ... Sounds like a lifetime in the quarantine world.