2017-10-25 - We fight back!

randy freepCold, wet, windy, dark days are a challenges to the daily run ... NOT! These are the kinds of days that light our internal fire. We thumb our nose at the weather and head out like conquering heroes. To heck with wimpy, sunny, mild fall runs, those nice days only get us so far. It's the days that fight back that leave us with a smug feeling of satisfaction and make us complete. We are the few, the proud, the running warriors excited to do battle with the supposedly big, bad, wet, cold days of November and zero days of winter, bring em' on!

Go get em',

Randy Step, an admitted obsessed runner with a pile of cold, wet, muddy running gear to prove it!

PS: It's that time of year again, we're transitioning out of 2017 and in to 2018! With many 2018 registration pages opening in the next several months you may see a slight uptick in the number of e-mails in your inbox. Please keep in mind if you do unsubscribe from our e-blasts you will not receive your pre-race e-mails for any race you've registered for. Bear with us through this busy time, we love ya and just want to keep you informed!

PS: HO, HO, GO! The Holiday Hustle 5K and 1 Mile are back in all of their jingling-jangling-flashing glory on December 9, 2017! Festive beanies for keeping noggins warm to all entrants, custom gingerbread man medals to all finishers and festive medals to 1 milers! This fun holiday dash around Dexter, MI is the perfect way to RING IN the holiday season!

2017-10-18 - With a plan,yes, you can!

randy freepFor many of us who ran in Detroit, Grand Rapids or Chicago, the long key fall race is behind us and it's time to celebrate with the fun fall and winter run-for-fun events like (Shameless RF Event plug here) The Downtown Ann Arbor Turkey Trot 5K on Thanksgiving Day or the Holiday Hustle in Dexter on December 9th. For some of us that have not yet jumped up to the half marathon or marathon distance, seeing our fellow runners accomplish these amazing goals helps inspire us, perhaps to commit to upping the ante and entering a spring marathon or half ... Like the Martian Invasion of Races on April 14th! The reality is, that if you get on a training schedule this far out, the training miles are far less daunting, making the goal look pretty darn realistic ... Let's do this!

With a plan, yes you can!

Randy Step, an admitted obsessed runner who loves every day of this running life.

PS: Speaking of the Turkey Trot... Beat the price increase! Ann Arbor Turkey Trot 5K and 1K Tot Trot prices go up tonight, October 19th at 11:59PM. Register now! A couple bucks of your entry will go to The Chad Tough Foundation to help fight childhood brain cancer. Your custom turkey finisher's medal will prove you've earned your place at the table and on the couch!

PS: NANU, NANU, EARTHLINGS! The martians are once again planning to invade Dearborn, MI. Don't miss the Martian Invasion of Races on April 14, 2018. 5K, 10K, 13.1M, 26K... or go for the MARTIAN FULL MARATHON! You've got the time to train, let's do this!

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