2019-05-09 - Put a spring in you step

randy potoNo warm spring days in sight but the temps have been great for getting in the run, yes, some splashing around in puddles but, heck! We are lucky to have a sport that gets us outside and smiling while much of the world whines about the weather. Let's get out there and take in the sights, sounds and smells of spring while enjoying these 50 something degree days!
Run right through those puddles!
Randy Step, an admitted obsessed runner reminding you that It's not too late to sign up for Friday evening's Hightail to Ale at Atwater Brewery in Detroit, Looks like 55 degrees for the 6: (Beer) 30 start! Run, walk or stroll the Detroit riverfront then grab your medal, a beer and enjoy a great band. Cheers! Late registration is still available Thursday evening from 4-7PM at Running Fit in Northville, and race day from 4PM-6:15PM at Atwater Brewery in Detroit! (Shirts and shirt sizes are limited and cannot be guaranteed for late registration)

2019-05-01 - Savor the Pain

randy flowersAfter a hard, long race, I often use the line, savor the pain, you worked hard to feel this bad and that those living in a couch potato haze never get to experience the high highs and low lows of life, just an endless blah. During the run, our body tries to stop us from running into pain, a natural defense for sure. That said, our body does not distinguish the pain of injury over the self-inflicted pain we might be facing while running fast, long or pressing up a long hill, this is not the time to listen to our body, this is the pain we came for!
I hope you find the pain you seek, today!
Randy Step, an admitted obsessed runner who feels bad for those who think all pain is to be avoided, they shall never live life in full color.
P.S. Come and put the hammer down and hurt with us for 5K at Hightail to Ale in Detroit on Friday evening, May 10th, We will savor our pain together with an Atwater Dirty Blond in Hand! Don't miss a beautiful run along the Detroit riverfront followed by a beer party including food trucks, cornhole and live music... Did we mention BEER?! Great custom shirt and pint glass to all entrants, sweet bottle opener medal and an Atwater Brewery beer to all finishers. The perfect jump back into this running life!