2024.03.07 - Running is hard

Running is never easy, but always worth it in the end. During today’s painful struggle, with every part of my body from my stomach to my brain trying to stop me, the always worth it part occurred as it often does, when I finally stopped. So, now miles have been faithfully recorded as seems necessary for a day to feel complete. Yes, the day requires much more than just the run to be fulfilling in a busy life of work, family and to-do lists but once the run has been checked off, especially when the run was a hard one, we know we have what it takes to get it all done. Heck our run just proved we are amazing, well, at least to us!

Go do the hard stuff,

Randy Step, an admitted obsessed runner who had to get to the end of today’s miserable but perfect run, to make this email possible.

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