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2023.03.15 - The elusive good run

randy ecuadorJust when we finally start to get a bit of light in morning, kaboom, they move it away from us by an hour, dang. That said, I had one of those elusive good runs today. I’d say they come about every 10th run or so, just often enough to keep me putting my money back in the slot. And like good runs, the weather Gods have also been fickle. I thanked them for the glorious Saturday morning they gave us to get in the long run, then they crap on us for a couple days before finally releasing the sun again. I picture them looking down at us and thinking, these runners are tough characters, we chased everyone else into the house and they keep coming back for more!

Every run is a win,

Randy Step, an admitted obsessed runner who, like many of us runners, was born a rambler and a gambler and guess we always will be until they throw the dirt on. Amen.

Not much carbon in our footprint

randy trailOn my run I was passed by two kids on electric scooters, my guess is they looked about 8 years old, it made me sad. The world seems to be filling up with electric powered stuff from bikes to surfboards. I understand that some E- bike use is replacing higher carbon transportation, but I see plenty of recreational use that seems a step backwards. We are so fortunate to have found running, or that it found us. We can be fueled up with nut butter, berries and bananas and our commute to our run is usually one step out the door! That said, as spring breaks I’ll sometimes wear a small pack to pick up the hidden trash of winter, making the run even more fulfilling.

Get out and set an example,

Randy Step, an admitted obsessed runner who finds that the daily run almost always gives me back more than I expected.

2023.03.01 - Same old run story

randy ecuadorI’m tired of repeating myself but ... Yesterday, I was tired, sore, in a funk and just knew if I went out to run it would suck, but due to the short window time I had to get it in, the misery would be over soon. I was frowning and grumbling as I charged on down the street. I kept the hammer down knowing I might soon throw in the towel and start walking. About 2 miles in I was still flying along with my body loving it, perhaps faster than any recent race pace when I finally got it through my thick head that I better enjoy the magic that was being presented to me. Live and never learn … Is it just me? So much for being the author of the best-selling running book “Get Your Butt Out the Door”, duh.

Never trust your gut when it comes to getting out the door, just go,

Randy Step, an admitted obsessed runner who admits to being a head case some days, but still taking credit for my great run yesterday! Ha.

On a fresh note, The Run Woodstock Half Marathon made it to USA Today’s short list of the greatest destination races in the US, please click this link and vote it to number one if you dig it! Dig? httpse,://www.10best.com/awards/travel/best-half-marathon-2023/

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