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2021.12.15 - Last Minute Miles!

randy trailTime for last-minute shopping, and of course, getting in those last-minute miles! Time, distance, speed, totals, and personal records, all add color, depth, and motivation to this rich, running life. 2020 gave me a lot of time alone to run and the body held up, giving me my highest mileage in many years, one of the few bright spots in that gray period … But hardly any finish lines to cross. This year I ran a few great races but I hit some mid-year speed bumps, but I’m trying to sneak in those miles and backload the year a bit. Who cares? Nobody but us, and that makes our totals even more personal and special. Each mile becomes a part of us and who we are, never to be taken away, only seen by others in our smile.

Run, race, track your progress, and smile!

Randy Step, an admitted obsessed runner with only two weeks left to shop for miles!


2021.11.30 - This Running Life

randy flowersRunning, a multifaceted, revitalizing sport for our mind, body, and life. I spent some time today reworking the layout for Run Woodstock so we will be ready to open registration on December 1st. Just walking this wonderful piece of wilderness and picturing how each campsite might be set up brought an emotional high, a flashback to a magic weekend. Camping is pretty cool on its own merits, bringing a variety of people outside and away from the man-made world we live in day-to-day. It struck me that the magic of Run Woodstock was not just from the natural beauty and aspect of camping but from our shared love of running that brought us together. I pictured conversations around the campfire sharing our goals with others who get it and how different a weekend devoted to running is from the day-to-day loner miles we put in. Or when we go to races where we show up, share pain and glory, perhaps a post-race beer, then head back to our daily lives.

This running life, never easy, always worth it,

Randy Step, an admitted obsessed runner who is content knowing running plays a huge part of the meaning of life and my priorities are sound.

2021.11.24 - Thankful for running traditions

randy trailOn Thanksgiving Day, more people lace up their shoes and run in races than any other day of the year. Turkey Trots are pretty darn cool, these hopeful, healthy traditions with family and friends show that no matter what our differences, we can celebrate, sweat and smile together as one running community. We will all get up stupid early and face the dark, and for us in the north, the cold, making that turkey dinner and spot on the couch all that more special.

Here at Running Fit Events, we are thankful to all of you who have supported our small family business through a couple of very tough years. You have been incredibly generous through our challenges, virtual and pop-up events, making it possible for us to be here today to put on the Ann Arbor Turkey Trot tomorrow, live and in person!

Let’s get our butts out the door forever,

Randy Step, an admitted obsessed runner, who, because of YOU, is thankful to be setting up at 4 AM in the cold rain tomorrow with the best event crew in the business! Seriously, more than you could know.


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