2023.06.04 - Run Challenges

Randy Racing GearThanks to the Head Goat 50k in May challenge from RF Events, I have not missed a day of miles in 30 days! Not easy for anyone in this busy life, but the challenges do make it fun and help make it happen. Kind of a throw back to 2020, but a residual that has found a spot for many runners, including me. The FB group has been wonderfully supportive, more than I could have imagined. Unlike running in a race, no matter what your pace or the miles you put in, everyone in the group is doing their own thing and are in essence, all equals, doing what they can and everyone cheers each other on. If you have not done a challenge, or have not one in a couple years, they are still here for you! The June challenge is next, so join us as we tour Michigan in the Stay-Cay Challenge! I promise, a refreshing poke to your running life.

Enrich your runs,

Randy Step, an admitted obsessed runner, who is continually amazed at how much I love this sport and the people it attracts, the best people, like you!

2023.05.24 - Run if you can

Randy Racing GearSome days, the run just sucks, but at least we were healthy enough to head out the door. Being injured sucks way more, and always, when the bad run is over, there is a bit of satisfaction, no matter what. Then, there was yesterday’s run, so perfect, no words can quite capture what I experienced. I can’t wait to run again.

Get out there every day you can!

Randy Step, an admitted obsessed runner