2023.10.01 - Today's run is crucial

Randy Racing GearThe most important day of our life is today, now, is our only chance to live in the moment. Yesterday is gone, tomorrow may or may not come. The next most important day may be an upcoming race you are targeting, perhaps a job interview or a vacation, but besides thinking and planning, make sure to take personal time today to live, grow and be fulfilled. Today’s run can do just that, if you let it.

Get your butt out the door,

Randy Step, an admitted obsessed runner, who admits that for me, it takes an effort to live in the moment, even on the run. Again, I write this email to poke myself so … I don’t miss the wonder that is right in front of me. Right now.


2023.10.04 - Running and Ego

Randy Racing GearA topic that is always current, especially with social media running applications like Strava. It makes perfect sense that we should not compare ourselves to others, we are completely unique, our age, genetics, work and family life, past injuries and medical issues make us who we are, and only we can know and take pride in what it took to get in these hard earned miles. That said, I find myself falling into this mental trap more times than I’d like to admit. I finish up a glorious fall, 4 mile, quick paced run and save it on Strava, then take a look to see what others are up to on this perfect morning, and see runs of 12 miles, 15 miles, whatever, done at a pace faster than my race pace. I should be thinking, it’s wonderful to see so many other, fit, healthy runners out there enjoying this day as I am, we are kindred spirits who get it, their run should not in diminish my effort in anyway but, dang, that ego.


You and your run are perfect,


Randy Step, an admitted obsessed runner who is proud of every mile you put in, I get it, you get it. Amen.