2022.06.29 - Sign up to run!

Randy Racing Gear

I’m sure I’m not alone on this but when I’m not signed up for an event, my running get’s pretty haphazard. It’s not like I strictly follow a schedule, but when I commit to an event I pretty much think of it daily. Knowing the kind of miles I need to put in to be ready, helps dictate the days run and the weeks totals. With a fall marathon looming 4 months out, I know it’s time to up my mileage and long runs, now. That said, the best time to sign up for a big event is the day after you finish one! Without goals, you can’t reach one.
Keep the hammer down and the fire lit,
Randy Step, an admitted obsessed runner with a goal. 

2022.06.15 - Cool Running

Randy Racing GearI’ll start by saying that heat kills and needs to be respected, for sure it’s the most dangerous of conditions. If you do run, run smart. If you can, run easy and run early, ideally on a shaded route. Run short loops that allow you to bail at signs of trouble, and, if it’s an option, run near water to jump into! That said, today would be a pretty normal summer day for a Florida runner who has adapted to the heat. That same Florida runner might look at the idea of running on a day in the 30’s as crazy, temperatures we look forward to after a winter streak of days in the teens or 20’s! Extreme short runs can give us tremendous satisfaction, when given the respect they deserve to limit the risks.

Run smart, run cool,

Randy Step, an admitted obsessed runner who loves the adventure extreme conditions can add to our seemingly simple sport.