2019-01-10 - Fat to 50 miles

randy trailThe resolutions are in full swing and as you know... I'm a fan! My son in law has certainly jumped right past the couch to 5K program and signed up for the 50 Mile Ultra at Run Woodstock. He calls his goal, from fat to 50 miles. I Love it! Yes, joining a family like mine that has gone ALL IN on the running gig was sure to have influenced his plan and commitment. That said, I believe many of us would benefit from committing to a goal that would turn our so called "normal life" on it's head. Consider signing up to run farther than you could possibly imagine running. Only after you commit and start your journey will you find that your self-imposed limits were nonsense and that you are truly amazing.
Get out the door and start your personal journey,
Randy Step, an admitted obsessed runner who knows it's never too late to go all in.

P.S.: Time to sit down with the 2019 RF Events calendar and make those crazy goals! We've got distances from 1 Mile to 100 miles and it is NEVER too late to try the perceived "impossible!" Check it out HERE, start making your list... and get your butt out the door!

P.S.: Speaking of the Run Woodstock 50 Mile... consider joining us in 2019 for 3 days of peace, music and running. Set your soles free on the trails of Pinckney, MI from September 6-8th and try a 5 Mile, Half Marathon, Full Marathon, 50K, 50 Mile, 100K or 100 Mile! There are still a handful of campsites left so snag one before they're gone and make a whole weekend of it.