2024.04.24 - Run Wild

A bunch of years ago I directed my first race, a trail marathon. This weekend is the “sold out!”, 38th annual running of that race, yikes! It now includes several distances, and is affectionately known as, “Trail Weekend”. The trails and routes we run, like the miles we put in, each become a part of us and who we are, changing us forever, physically, mentally, and spiritually. The Potawatomi trail that the event runs on, Poto, has become a lifelong training partner and friend, always there for me and willing to beat me into shape. Poto has helped me through hard times and has shown me the best of times. Just thinking, if Poto was on FB, I’m guessing many of us would be mutual friends!


Run a new trail, make a new friend,


Randy Step, an admitted obsessed runner, with a trail that would vouch for me if it could!

2024.04.10 - Interplanetary Running

The eclipse was more of a look at the sky event, but at least it got people outside. On Saturday the Martian Invasion of Races presented by Blue Care Network of Michigan comes to Earth and will get a couple thousand people moving! There is still time to enter the 5K, 10K, 13.1 and 26.2, and the weather is looking good! Some volunteer spots are also available if you are not ready to run a race this week, but want to earn credit to enter another. A big week for the planet! Get in on the fun at https://martianraces.com/.

When we started this event, twenty something years ago, everyone would ask, why Martian? I said, because Flying Pig was taken. Seriously, a serious event to trust your training to, still deserves a fun theme. Costumes, hundreds of blow-up aliens and other nonsense help distract us from the hard work, and can help us reach our goals.

Every healthy day is a gift, don’t waste a single one,

Randy Step, an admitted obsessed runner, enjoying a very busy, but fun week, up to my ass in aliens!