2023.07.19 - Weak-minded Runner

randy trailI laid in bed going over the excuses to skip the morning run. I have no race on my calendar to get ready for. Two of my running partners are injured and one keeps going on vacation. These are pretty lame due to the fact I usually run only one day a week with anyone. It was all a waste of mental energy as I knew I would get out the door anyway. Such drama for a guy who claims to be obsessed with the sport, why listen to me? Oh yeah, I guess I did get my butt out the door. As the late great running philosopher George Sheehan reminds us: Eventually you learn that the competition is against the little voice inside you that wants you to quit.


Randy Step, an admitted obsessed, weak-minded runner. On a different note, I’m camping and running this weekend, it’s not too late to join me! Beautiful forest trails, hot showers, a great lake to take a dip … learn more

2023.07.12 - The run is always profound

Randy Racing GearMy weekly stab at motivation often falls far short of profound. So, today’s run is infinitely more important than anything you might read about running. On top of the physical benefits of the run, that are enough in themselves to justify each run, we learn more about ourselves and what we are capable of. On the run we escape the day to day minutia, the so-called reality that we seemed to be trapped in, and go to a place that is true reality. During the run, no matter if the run goes well or is a long torture, we get the gift of feeling fully alive, unlike the blur and haze of many of the so called, productive hours in our day. That said, perhaps we all deserve a 24-hour run!

Yes, you can.

Randy Step, an admitted obsessed runner who often finds myself in awe of what takes place during each mile of the run.