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2023.11.02 - You trained for this

 Randy Racing GearNatural disasters, medical nightmares, terrorist attacks, maybe World War 3. Our daily runs give us strength, endurance, pain tolerance, and make us ready to handle stress for long periods of time. Our fitness level will get us ready to run from trouble, or run to help, depending on our quick decision making and ability to adjust to tough situations, also learned on long runs. Yes, what we endure now will prepare us to endure what the world throws at us.

Run today, be ready for tomorrow,

Randy Step, an admitted obsessed runner, who is fighting a bit of atrial fibrillation and is heading into the hospital tomorrow for an oblation that I feel I’m trained for, so that something that may seem major to some, can seem like something minor. Get your butt out the door!

2023.10.25 - Ready to Run

randy rainsuitTo me, running gives me a reason to get outside and actually enjoy so called bad weather days. It is time to take stock in our winter run gear. Preparing now is motivating, knowing you are ready, can leave you excited to try out your winter gear. It’s already time for a good headlamp/flashlight, and the new LED’s turn night into day. Traction for your shoes will have you looking forward to that first dusting of snow. Having the right combination of base, and outer layers, and having the perfect combination ready no matter what the weather, will leave you feeling like one smart cookie! Todays the day to lay it all out and see what holes you need to fill. Tomorrow, your excuses will be a shorter list.

Bring it on, we are/will be, ready!

Randy Step, an admitted obsessed runner who admits not being a fan of the cold, accept when I’m out running in it!

2023.10.18 - Holiday Running

Randy Racing GearAs the glory of fall fades away so does the motivation to get in the miles. With darker and colder days ahead, and our target, goal races behind us, I find by having a couple holiday runs on the schedule, your motivational chances are better. Yes, we don’t have to take these races so serious, and we can get by with the fitness we worked on through the year, but a race is a race and knowing that we have another starting line to toe will get us out the door. Now for the shameless plug!

The Ann Arbor Turkey Trot is the perfect way to start Thanksgiving Day with a couple thousand friends, leaving plenty of time to get home to cook the bird and watch the team in Honolulu Blue! Enter today to give yourself over a month of motivation! Finish out the year with the Holiday Hustle in Dexter on December 2nd, then enjoy a couple months of what I call off season, with maintenance runs to hold on to some fitness.

Gobble, Gobble, Ho, Ho, Go!

Randy Step, an admitted obsessed runner who also thinks you should plan to join me for a winter road trip to Traverse City for the Bigfoot Snowshoe Race, January 27th, then, the Super 5K in Novi, February 11th, where we earn our spot on the couch for the big game!

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