2023.09.20 - A.I. will never run for you

randy ecuadorThe run is always hard, always worth it. This is the reason we run. In a world where everything else we do, we look for ways to make it easier and more efficient. On the other hand, the value of our run comes from its difficulty and the personal satisfaction we get from hard miles. For that reason, some days we set out to find more difficult routes, or even do hill repeats and extra hard intervals, proving the point. The run teaches us that doing hard things, perhaps the hard way, gives meaning to life and may be the only way to truly feel or be fulfilled.

Get out the door, the meaning of life is there to find,

Randy Step, an admitted obsessed runner who lives for the struggle.

2023.09.15 - Home Run

Randy Racing GearWhen it comes to the daily run, you can’t beat the loop from home. The familiar miles are easy on the mind and body. Yes, our runs can take us all over the world and new roads and trails make for adventure, but there is a place for the loop we call our own that give us a feeling of safety, stability, and ownership. Watching the trees change color in fall, the same trees we watched as they launched their first green haze of buds in the spring is like running with old friends. As we round the corner for home, the front door makes for the perfect finish line.

Peace, love and running,

Randy Step, an admitted obsessed runner who struggled through my home loop today, thankful that the route, in some strange way, seemed to cheer me on.