2019-10-02 - Read then run

randy freepWhen you just can't muster up the energy to get out the door, sit back and open a running magazine or book. Chances are, your running fire will soon be re-lit, or perhaps the guilt may set in. Either way, you will decide it's time put down what you are reading and head out for a run, a run that will leave you fulfilled and wondering why you would have ever skipped it! That said, a motivational running movie can get you excited about our sport and leave you with motivational thoughts that can get you out the door for days on end. There are never enough running themed movies but here are a couple new ones to fire you up! Just watching the trailers got me out today for 6 miles in the rain. By the way, the rain felt glorious!

Skid Row Marathon
Brittany Runs A Marathon

Read... Then run!

Randy Step, ad admitted obsessed, wet and smiling runner.

P.S.: ONE MONTH until the inaugural Bonfyre Trail Fest Run! Don't miss this beautiful fall trail run on the DTE Energy Foundation Trail in Chelsea, MI with a post race bonfire and beer garden! Try 5, 10.7 or 19 miles! All registrants receive a cozy knit patch beanie, marked courses with aid and finish food. All finishers will receive a custom campfire mug and s'more kit! Stick around post race and celebrate with a live band and flowing beer.

2019-09-25 - Get Real!

anna bridgeBaby Goat here jumping in for the week!

I've got a long history of being notoriously terrible at training. I write up crazy programs that I am unable to maintain and generally end up giving up, and doing all of my work on race day (OUCH)! I got a crazy idea this fall.. I wrote myself a totally realistic, do-able training schedule that leaves enough time for me to build up my mileage slowly. You know what? I have only missed ONE run in 8 weeks. I always joked that training just wasn't my thing, but the truth is I was overdoing it, which lead to training failure after training failure when I couldn't keep up with my plan. Making a schedule that doesn't jump mileage over 10% week to week, and acknowledging how many available days in a week I actually have has made all the difference. Get REAL about your training. Who knows, maybe it will make the difference for you!

Baby Goat, an admittedly not quite as obsessed runner... who is getting real with her training! Heck, I might even be prepared the next time I toe the line!

PS: We're hiring race timing staff! Required skills include Microsoft excel and the ability to drive a truck and trailer... Knowledge of SQL is also beneficial. Send your resume over to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.!

P.S.: Join us for the Inaugural GO APPLES! 5K and 1 Mile in Charlotte, MI on October 26th. Expect a fun fall day as you pass by rows of apple trees and the pumpkin patch. Soft cotton shirt to all entrants, sweet apple medal, cider and donuts to all finishers! Go Apples! is the last stop of the Michigan Orchard Challenge - NEW for 2019!