2023.11.30 - Off Season Running

The long fall races are over and the last bit of pushing it ends with the Turkey Trots, then I go into what I call the off season. Your off season may fall differently but I believe the body needs a break from the schedule at some point. This break can be planned, or if injury sidelines you, your off season starts then. No, we don’t stop running but we can back off on our intensity, long runs, and total mileage. Off season during the holidays and the first in your face days of winter seems to fit most schedules. It’s a time to get out there for short sweet runs, just to stay consistent and not totally loose our base. Yes, off season does end, and eventually we have to do some hard work to build back up, but the body will be more receptive at that point. Seriously, the obsessed runner gets a bit wimpy for a month or two each year. I do take advantage of breaks in weather to sneak in longer runs, runs where the pace is easy, and my starving obsession is fed a bit. Enjoy a wimpy run today … or tomorrow! Randy Step, an admitted obsessed runner whose mantra is, I love long dark windy winter days with poor footing. And I keep up with this mantra until I start to believe it. Ha.

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