2023.04.19 - Running is Pure

randymarkingThere is no I in team, but there is in Running! Sure, there are teams in

running, but the sport itself is strictly individual. Whether on a team or in a club, members are there just to encourage and support each other. Our sport has no referees or bad calls, just a start line, finish line and a clock running. We just run, it is pure, simple, and we love it! We might call a run, training, or we may call it a race, but it's really just us, putting in the miles we need for fulfillment. Our running disappointments are trivial, injuries keep us learning, and our successes keep the fire lit. May running be the meaning of life? For sure it's leading us to it.


Run forever and ever, amen,


Randy Step, an admitted obsessed runner, who like you, gets it.

2023.04.05 - Run Proud

randy bridgesMy running friend Jane claimed that this week's long run was 1000 times easier because of running with me, as opposed to running it alone. Perhaps an exaggeration, but it puts the difficulty of so many of our daily runs, that we do alone, in perspective.

That said, each mile we put in proves we are just plain awesome, badass athletes, getting in the miles while much of the rest of the world staggers on in a couch potato haze. You can be proud of every run, short or long, fast or slow because you got your butt out the door and NO mile is easy, and that’s what makes our run so rewarding.

Running is tough, so are you,

Randy Step, an admitted obsessed runner, who like you, can be proud of lacing them up and getting it done, every time.