randy waterfallThe weather is about to go to hell on us, it’s time to light the winter running fire. I admit to not being a fan of the cold, I don’t like to work in it, stand around in it or do the day-to-day stuff in it. That said, the only thing I don’t mind is going for a run in the cold. We can always dress for a winter run, unlike a hot summer run with few options. Running into darkness and clicking on the headlamp, putting fresh tracks into new snow, or running into a frozen sunrise all add a layer of adventure not found with a so-called, nice day. Finishing a run on a wicked day brings a sense of accomplishment and a lift to our self-esteem, often, leaving us with a smug smile of satisfaction on our face that will have others wondering, what’s up?

Let’s dominate our environment!

Randy Step, an admitted obsessed runner, with piles of laundry to prove it!

randy trailEgo has no place in our sport, an old message but so important in these days of social media, and it’s more like social media on steroids after a year of pandemic pandemonium. We must never compare our running to anyone else’s. Our pace, mileage and every aspect of our fitness and health are uniquely our own. Every mile we put in is incredible, there are no easy runs. In this complicated world, just getting out the door is something we can be proud of. So, when I see posts of people running 20 miles on a Tuesday morning at a pace I can’t even run a mile, when just a minute before I was thrilled that I got out and ran two miles, that my effort seems diminished, WHEN IT WAS NOT IN THE LEAST! As I said, an old but important message, ego has no place … My 2 miles rocked!

I’m proud of all of you,

Randy Step, an admitted obsessed runner, who wrote this to myself, as always …