2024.06.12 - My 2 mile run

The most significant run in my life, at least the one I think back on most often, is not my first Boston or Kona Ironman finish, but is the first time I ran 2 miles without stopping. Other than the obligatory one mile run in high school, why would someone run farther? Recreational running was a foreign concept to me. Until college, I had not associated with anyone who ran. I can’t remember the exact catalyst of my attempt to run 2 miles without stopping, maybe it was seeing other runners out there or some conversation concerning running. What I do remember is that it was hard, felt endless, left me wiped out, and a feeling of accomplishment, more so, than anything I had ever done. A life changing experience that launched a new me.


May today’s run be glorious and memorable,


Randy Step, an admitted obsessed runner, who when seeing someone out on a run, knows that I might be witnessing someone doing something that is extraordinary!

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