2024.05.08 - Short, but powerful runs

When it comes to sneaking (getting) in a short run, especially in stressful times in life, a little goes a long way. A few minutes of peaceful escape can clear our heads and give us the energy needed to push forward. When it seems impossible to find 20 minutes, and we load ourselves with guilt for even thinking of escaping, this thought pattern should be a trigger for us to find that evacuation door and head out. An emergency run can give us all we need to take on the true emergencies of life. This needed run is anything but selfish. Without it, you may have little to give, and with it, you can give it the all you’ve gained.

Duck and run, now,

Randy Step, an admitted obsessed runner, who as you know, writes this stuff to me, hoping to strike a chord.

2024.04.01 - Spring Run

As runners, we become part of the flow of nature and our environment. We are keenly aware of the incredible seasonal changes that put our senses on full alert. On yesterday’s run, the endless winter views from the ridges on the trail I marveled at just a week ago, were hidden by the new fully bloomed leaves and the view was replaced by a feeling of running through a private green tunnel with occasional flashes of white from the dogwoods. The smell of the trail had also changed, from what was a clean winter smell to a rich spring mix of everything in bloom. Our daily run is a gift on so many levels. Dig it!

Let’s immerse ourselves into this amazing natural world as we get our butts out the door today!

Randy Step, an admitted obsessed runner, so lucky to have found running or that running found me.