2024.02.21 - When a short run does not end

I’ve always said, the best way to get in a long run is to finish the planned run for the day, and if feeling good, pass the house and tack on some miles. The easiest 10 mile run is when it starts at mile 5! I’ve even tricked myself by stopping the watch, saving the first 5 mile run then starting over. Somehow this mentally works for me, but as runners we are all mental in our own ways, so maybe this only works for me?

Trick yourself today on a 3 mile run, make it 6 miles!

Randy Step, an admitted obsessed runner who also admits to cheating winter a bit here in Florida, where it’s awfully flat and there are snakes, gators and big spiders on my trail runs. Florida also has sharks, hurricanes, red tide and old people who drive slow in the left lane. I say these things for those of you who can’t sneak down, perhaps so you won’t feel bad. That said, the sunshine never sucks …

2024.02.14 - Run to Live

The truth is, there is no guarantee that we will live to see tomorrow, no matter how rich, famous, or fit we are. The recent deaths of Jimmy Buffet, Toby Keith, and Kelvin Kiptum, recent world record setter in the marathon, who died this week in a car crash, remind us of this. That said, there are still situations in which fitness level may save our lives. Our fitness can enrich each day of our life, letting us do more, see more, and experience more than most sedentary people. Each day is a precious gift not to be taken for granted. May today’s run celebrate today.

Run because you can,

Randy Step, an admitted obsessed runner who cherishes today and today’s run.