2021.12.29 - The run takes a village

randy winterThe run takes a village.

Not really, the run is ours alone, but I admit, knowing others are out there putting in miles seems to encourage my own miles. The running social media apps can be another tool in the motivational box along with my book of course, Get Your Butt Out the Door (shameless plug)! There have been times when I’ve seen another head lamp bobbing along in the cold dark morning that I’ve gone on to add some additional miles knowing we are in this together, on some plane. All that said, let’s plan on a great running year in 2022. We’ll set some new personal records, start some new streaks and meet together on the starting line. Knowing we are all in for this adventure together will give us the push we’ll need!

Let’s run forever,

Randy Step, an admitted obsessed runner who is putting in miles right beside you, or at least on the same planet!

2021.12.15 - Last Minute Miles!

randy trailTime for last-minute shopping, and of course, getting in those last-minute miles! Time, distance, speed, totals, and personal records, all add color, depth, and motivation to this rich, running life. 2020 gave me a lot of time alone to run and the body held up, giving me my highest mileage in many years, one of the few bright spots in that gray period … But hardly any finish lines to cross. This year I ran a few great races but I hit some mid-year speed bumps, but I’m trying to sneak in those miles and backload the year a bit. Who cares? Nobody but us, and that makes our totals even more personal and special. Each mile becomes a part of us and who we are, never to be taken away, only seen by others in our smile.

Run, race, track your progress, and smile!

Randy Step, an admitted obsessed runner with only two weeks left to shop for miles!