2022.09.28 - Undertrained, so what!

randy freepFor those of us running long in Detroit, Grand Rapids, Chicago or wherever, this is no time to second think our training. It’s rare that training goes as planned. We can’t change it now so it’s time to accept that whatever kind of miles we got in, we need to come up with a realistic plan of how to run our race, not, on what we hoped. I’ve said it before, if you go in undertrained you have nothing to lose, those who are well trained are at risk of blowing all the work they have done! Ha. That said, those who did the work, I’m proud of you already. Run smart, follow your plan and enjoy your race! The rest of us will do the work on race day, not ideal but it will be an adventure, perhaps a painful and long adventure but we will cross the same finish line and will learn a bit about ourselves. Good stuff. Run smart and laugh at yourself when sh##t hits the fan and remember, this is what we do for fun!

Keep moving forward,

Randy Step, an admitted obsessed runner who just missed 5 weeks of running but will line up for the marathon in Detroit. A race I have run in 2:46 and will be thrilled if I walk, run and slog it in twice that time!

2022.09.14 - Thank you for running

Randy Racing GearThanks to you, RF Events has survived as a company and made it out of the Covid darkness and into the light! It struck me this past weekend at Run Woodstock when I found myself, finally, not worrying about the future but just doing what I love, that is, putting on incredible events with our incredible crew for our faithful participants. Living life in full color again, finally not loosing sleep wondering how we would get back to this point but loosing sleep pulling off a labor of love. To be back fully aware of and sharing the emotional wonder of the finish line where goals are being met and lives are being changed forever. Your victories have never felt so sweet. We are really back. We were and are still humbled by the generosity shown by you in our pay what you can monthly challenges, entering our virtual events and buying my book. For those of you who donated your entry fees back to us rather than deferring it … I am humbled and tearing up as I type this. Our running community is just wonderful, thank you for making it so.


Now, get your butt out that door, I’ll see you at the finish line,


Randy Step, an admitted obsessed runner who is feeling grateful for so much, because of running and because of you.