2022.11.30 - Be proud of your run

Randy Racing GearOn Thanksgiving Day, we are reminded of all the people, and all in life, that we are thankful for. There is also a time to give yourself credit for your efforts to enrich your own life, thus, enabling you to have more to give to others. When you wake to a dark, cold, windy morning and head out for your daily run, you are doing something heroic. You do this without fanfare or encouragement of any kind and there is nobody to hand you a medal at the finish line. The effort it took is known, experienced and appreciated only by you. It is important to recognize your dedication and accomplishment. Yep, you rock! The run was far from selfish. The run helped to make you physically and mentally healthy, it added to your self-confidence and left you ready to be productive in your family and work life. The run prepared you to be ready to help others and left you far less likely to need to be helped.


Love one another, yourself, and today’s run!


Randy Step, an admitted obsessed runner who does yoga just to give myself a pat on the back occasionally. Ha. And I’m proud of your run, just sayin’ …

2022.11.23 - Giving thanks to the run

freep2The run has helped and continues to help us discover who we are and who we might be. It has given, and continues to give us, insight into what we are capable of and what we might yet achieve. The run has expanded our lives and our limits, turning dreams and goals into reality. We can be thankful that once a runner, we will always be runners, even if the run is taken away from us. We are thankful that every hard-earned mile we put in becomes part of us, never to be taken away, and each of those miles has helped to mold the stronger, more resilient person that we have become. No mile is easy, every mile is worth it.


Let’s get our butts out the door and give thanks,


Randy Step, an admitted, thankful, obsessed runner who will be a runner until the day they throw the dirt on.