2020.11.13 - Beaver Miles

randy ironI’m having an up day on the Covid rollercoaster. I usually don’t talk specifically about my running but I’m taking some personal satisfaction with my weekly trail half marathon streak during Covid. I’ve been enjoying the motivational monthly challenges from our incredibly creative RF Events Crew, and my weekly 13.1 miles fits nicely with the mileage goals. Yes, I tear up each weekend as another live event that would have happened pops up on my daily alerts. The Bonfyre trail run would have been Saturday, what a glorious day it would have been, I think the post race party would have gone on till sunset, dang. Until live racing is back, if you have not joined a challenge, consider joining me on the HolliYAY 50K in December, just after November’s Beaver Moon has set! Yep, the RF Events Crew is creative, to say the least.

Get in some frosty Beaver miles today,

Randy Step, an admitted obsessed runner who is also smiling today because I have just finished putting together a book, 365 reasons to get your butt out the door, a daily motivational journal, more to come on this but the goal is to ship them before Christmas. Shameless plug, the perfect gift!

2020.11.06 - The Courage To Start Again

randy iron We miss couple days of running, this turns into a week of not running, then … A slippery slope that can take us to no running at all and a gray cloud that hangs over us as we are reminded daily, when we see runners out there, that we are off the wagon. If getting back to the run was easy, I would not be writing this. The time we put aside for the run gets swallowed by a busy life and our loss of fitness becomes a barrier of pain we know will be in front of us when we attempt to run again. So, what will get us back to being a runner? Courage. Remember, you had the courage to start, the courage is within you to start again.

Start again, smile, hurt, and be proud.

Randy step, an admitted obsessed runner who knows there have been some bad days... but the run has been there for me.