2024.01.10 - Listen to the run

Randy Racing GearSome runs seem to go on forever with 3 miles feeling like 5, and on others, the miles fly by. This is not a listen to your body lecture because often, everything feels just fine, it’s just the miles feeling unequal. Sure, some of it is just a mind game due to a busy life with so much required of a day besides the daily run. Our brain can’t help but go there, taking our focus off living in the moment, but that’s not always the case. Some days, the run seems to be giving us a gift, magical miles that go by in an instant, regardless of whatever else is going on in life. On such days, when the run is offering 10 miles for a 5 mile effort, it’s time to listen. When it’s over, we can then make the excuses why we are late.

Don’t look a gift run in the mouth, there may be one coming your way today,

Randy Step, an admitted obsessed runner, often without answers, just observations from a life on the run.

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