2024.01.03 - Sharing the run

randy ecuadorI admit, I look daily at posts about runs and running plans on Strava and other social media. Some current posts, New Year’s Day run, keeping the tradition alive; Today I registered for the Super 5K!; Starting off 2024 with a 14 mile run! These posts can motivate and inspire, and they say, joy shared is joy increased! That said, there are perhaps as many people hurting out there, not able to get in their run. Sickness and injury strike us all at times. There are certainly fewer posts about missing days or recovery from injury. It's also said that grief shared is grief diminished. Please share your running joy, or pain, today. We need each other!

Smoke em if ya got em’ (translated: get that run in if you can!)

Randy Step, an admitted obsessed runner, who is currently walking, but hopes to soon be back on the run!


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