2024.04.04 - Running scared

randymarkingThere are days I have no energy and dread the idea of a run, or to attempt anything for that matter. At times like this I find myself almost afraid to get out there, especially when I overthink how bad it might go. But, after I go through the drama, I do find what I call, the courage to get out the door. I start out like walking on eggshells, waiting for the world to collapse and sometimes the run goes as bad as I imagined and I find myself walking, then trying to run again, sometimes walking again, maybe even back home, wondering if I gave it all I had?

That said, I have a gifted daughter who I continue to learn from. Anna is a content creator on Instagram and TikTok. Where daily, she helps a million or so people to accept that life is hard, and not wanting to do anything, and choosing to nap or even to stay in bed all day is not earned but perhaps what your body and mind need. My favorite Anna quote: If you only have 10% to give, and you give 10%, you have given 100%!!! https://www.instagram.com/akprzy/

Even if you start with some drama, today’s run will most likely rock, or not, but don’t miss it!

Randy Step, yes, an admitted obsessed runner, as you can tell from this midweek … never easy, always worth it.

2024.03.19 - Great runs can be a given

... it is said happiness is a choice. Could it also be true that how we feel about a run is a choice, maybe even the way we feel during the run? In the late miles of a marathon, I often imagine that there is a hook, grabbing the back of my shorts, lifting me and pushing me forward. I force myself to smile, and somehow it works! The smile becomes real and the effort is less. On some level it works, usually not for long, but for sure something magic happens, so I repeat this mantra until the finish line comes.

Let's choose to enjoy every minute of today's run! Dig it!

Randy Step, an admitted obsessed runner who used to think we had to accept the run for what it is, and now, like so much in life, it can be a choice.