2024.06.12 - My 2 mile run

The most significant run in my life, at least the one I think back on most often, is not my first Boston or Kona Ironman finish, but is the first time I ran 2 miles without stopping. Other than the obligatory one mile run in high school, why would someone run farther? Recreational running was a foreign concept to me. Until college, I had not associated with anyone who ran. I can’t remember the exact catalyst of my attempt to run 2 miles without stopping, maybe it was seeing other runners out there or some conversation concerning running. What I do remember is that it was hard, felt endless, left me wiped out, and a feeling of accomplishment, more so, than anything I had ever done. A life changing experience that launched a new me.


May today’s run be glorious and memorable,


Randy Step, an admitted obsessed runner, who when seeing someone out on a run, knows that I might be witnessing someone doing something that is extraordinary!

2024.06.05- Why we run long

I remember being asked if racing the marathon was healthy. It was hard to admit but I did say, perhaps not for physical health but for so many other reasons. First off, the training and lifestyle is incredibly healthy, then, there is the tremendous psychological value in accomplishing hard to reach goals. This is the good stuff that will sustain us, along with the skills marathon training teaches us, preparing us for so many things in life. As for the race itself being healthy? I’m not talking about just covering 26 miles, but hammer down, max heart rate racing from start to finish. Is it physically healthy to do something that takes weeks to recover from, often having to inch back to the fitness we had when we lined up? I look at it as a risk reward question with physical risks on one side and life changing rewards on the other.

Put the hammer down today!

Randy Step, an admitted obsessed runner, until they throw the dirt on.