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2020.01.08 - I feel like a phony

randy winterThere are times when I am sidelined from the run and write this  motivational midweek email and I feel like a phony, who am I who didn't get my run in to tell you to get out the door. Not the case today but as I get in my runs while here in Florida for a couple weeks and writing this, guilting you out the door into some cold crap weather... again, I feel like a fake! By the way, the weather here has been amazing, just sayin'. That said, your run in the wicked weather will leave you far more satisfied once it's done than any wimpy run on a nice day.
I am proud of you for getting it done,
Randy Step, an admitted obsessed runner looking forward to running at the Bigfoot Snowshoe Race in a few weeks and relinquishing myself of my-self-imposed wimp status. Hope to see you all there!

2020.1.2 - Still diggin' the run

randy winterI must admit, over 40 years of getting out the door I'm about as obsessed with running as I've ever been, wallowing in it like a pig in mud. My running has taken me around the world and around the block. Another new year and it's time for new plans to keep the fire lit. I'm committed to run 50K Trail Weekend, several half marathons and the Traverse City 70.3 ... so far! I hope you have caught the running curse and stay over on the dark side with me till the end, if not, today's a great day to enter a couple long races to get the fire burning.
Run or grow old and moldy,
Randy Step, an admitted obsessed runner with no plan to stop.

PS: New Year's Day filled our Facebook feeds with every bodies commitments for the new year! We loved all the sign ups for their runs for the year. If you still haven't picked your goal races for 2020, check out our full listing of events HERE! Commit, train, succeed!

2019.12.26 - How was your run today?

randy winterWas your run effortless? Was it one of those magic days where you felt like you could run forever? Was your turnover quick, smooth and silent? Was it the kind of run that had you thinking a second run is in order and that you might fit it in later tonight? Or ... Did your legs feel like dead weight and every step an effort. Perhaps your lungs felt like they were stuffed with cotton and you found yourself gasping for breath? No matter how your run went, I'm sure you were proud that you got out there.  I bet when your run was over you had a feeling of satisfaction and a calmness that carried you on through your day and left you with a smug gleam in your eye. As always, no matter how it went, the run was a success, the only failure ... would have been skipping the run.
Be successful tomorrow,
Randy Step, an admitted obsessed runner who's run today was someplace in the middle. I felt OK, it was not as easy as I would have liked but for sure the numbers look good in my log. And yes, I'm proud I got out there.

P.S.: We'll be back for NONSTOP FUN in 2020! If you haven't checked our calendar lately... we suggest you do so! Resolve to get your butt out the door in the new year! RFEVENTS.COM/CALENDAR

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