2023.08.09 - I vote to run

Randy Racing GearWho would have guessed that running could have gotten any better, but in such a divided country, running is amazingly nonpartisan, a breath of fresh air! During a long race, I often start up a conversation with a stranger and we can discuss our goals, our training, our upcoming running plans, and our setbacks without even finding out what way they might lean, or not lean politically. One thing for sure is, that if they lined up and are running the same event and about the same pace as me, we are kindred spirits on a physical, and perhaps a mystical, level. Dig it.

Run left, right, straight, and not so straight, but just make sure you get your butt out there!

Randy Step, an admitted obsessed runner looking forward to setting my soul free with you all at http://runwoodstock.com/, just a month away! Grab a campsite quick, only 20 mystical spots left above the Astral Plane!

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