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2020.02.26 - Cross this one off your bucket list

randy winter

Michigan is blessed with some Iconic events, events that deserve a spot on your bucket list. For 25 years, the Dances With Dirt Team Relay has been one such event. DWD is the pure Michigan born, granddaddy of "obstacle course" running. It's not man-made crap set out in the woods, but every brutal obstacle mother nature has to offer, and what more could you ask for. If you have not experienced this wild, full color incredible day in this running life we live, you will be rewarded, I promise. Many of the team themes are over the top and add another layer to a day that is far more than the sum of its parts.

Trick 4 friends over to the dark side, on DWD day, and you will be their hero. It's a challenging day with each runner running 3 legs and putting in around 12 miles. These are not Peter Cottontail, bunny trail miles, but severe breathtaking miles that will cleanse the soul. DWD does offer the option to run with a team of up to 10 to ease up on the miles for each runner, and gives people of all abilities the chance to experience this amazing event. If you can run a 5K, you can be a part of DWD Day. I guarantee, it will be a rewarding challenge nonetheless and the finish line will be just as sweet.

Grab some friends and sign up early to save a few bucks. Put September 26th on the calendar, and join in the fun we've been having for over 25 years. Knowing you are in for a tough day will motivate you out the door all year, so you will be ready to rock. Perhaps get the team together for a monthly trail run. Perhaps this has been a shameless plug for DWD (dwdmichigan.com for more info), but running gets no better.

Randy Step, an admitted obsessed runner who loves every aspect of DWD Day, and so will you!

2020.02.19 Running, as extreme as sports get

randy winter

Running gets us down to bedrock. Each run requires physical and mental strength just to head out the door. Some days, our body lets us know it really doesn't want to do this, much like dragging an unwilling dog on leash. Ah, but on those days when our bodies are jumping and barking at the door, ready to go...

We marvel at the "X" Games and sports that are called "Extreme", when in reality, there is no more extreme sport than distance running. A sport that has us heading out day after day to do battle and keep the edge, heading out regardless of how we feel or what the conditions are, knowing that nothing good comes easy. What we will get for our hard work and extreme behavior is good, very good. When race day dawns, hang on to that leash tight and be ready to keep up with a happy, well trained body, pulling us forward to personal greatness. Now, give yourself a pat on the head!

Train and run like an animal!

Randy Step, an admitted obsessed runner, who just loves extremes!

PS: Run and give back! Shamrocks and Shenanigans is just around the corner. Join us March 15th in downtown Ann Arbor for 5K or 1K... you'll get your run in, and do some good! All proceeds from the Shamrocks & Shenanigans are donated directly to Save a Heart, an organization that raises funds to benefit patients and their families at the Congenital Heart Center at C.S. Mott Children's Hospital. Register now!

2020.02.12 - Resting isn't giving up

anna winterBaby Goat here, Step-ping in for the midweek run-mail!

For one of the first times in my running career my training has been going exactly as planned. Meeting all of my own expectations and actually completing my miles has given me such a surge of energy in my day-to-day life and a newfound sense of self confidence. Unfortunately, like most hot streaks, mine has come to a temporary "end." Over the last week plantar fascitis snuck in to test my patience and my spirit. I am dying to push through this setback and overdo it to keep the hot streak and my inflated confidence alive. I have to remind myself that this (probably much-needed) rest isn't me giving up on the streak, it's just REST. It definitely wont kill me and in the long run may not even affect my training. Listening to my body and backing off now will ward off any detrimental injury and allow me to come back refreshed when I've healed up!

Anna Przybylski, an admittedly not quite as obsessed runner who is headed out for a short walk, not because I'm giving up... but because I'M RESTING!

PS: BEER! RUNNING! THE BEAUTIFUL DETROIT RIVERFRONT! Join us Friday night, May 8th in Detroit, MI for the Hightail to Ale 5K. This Friday night party with a 5K warmup has BEER, swag, live music, food trucks... and did we mention BEER! Register now!

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