2023.09.26 - Post Run Depression

randy dirtshirtWith weekends like Run Woodstock and Dances With Dirt Hell behind us, especially those you who have focused for a year on these goals, it’s not unusual to be feeling low. That said, many of you still have your goal race coming, with the big fall marathons, half marathons, whatever. You will soon be in the same predicament, facing a void where focus once filled. To all of us in this ditch, may I suggest we think back to all the training and mental energy we used to get to these starting lines and to take pride in our commitment, regardless if the result was a personal best or a DNF, we did the work and had the courage to start. It’s up to us to savor the experience, every step, every thought. The race itself is just a piece of what we miss on these post event days, it’s so much more. You all deserve, or will deserve, a period of proud reflection of the entire experience. Enjoy some well-deserved rest, perhaps some days off, not just from running, but from the mental focus and single mindedness. Only you can give this gift of pride to yourself, nobody else can do this, only you know how amazing you are! You had the courage to embark upon this difficult journey, savor it.

Run proud, rest proud,

Randy Step, an admitted obsessed runner, who still lays back some days to think through the miles of my races long past, something only we who have ran them, can understand and continue to enjoy.

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