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2021.10.27 - Ego and Running

randy trailEgo has no place in our sport, an old message but so important in these days of social media, and it’s more like social media on steroids after a year of pandemic pandemonium. We must never compare our running to anyone else’s. Our pace, mileage and every aspect of our fitness and health are uniquely our own. Every mile we put in is incredible, there are no easy runs. In this complicated world, just getting out the door is something we can be proud of. So, when I see posts of people running 20 miles on a Tuesday morning at a pace I can’t even run a mile, when just a minute before I was thrilled that I got out and ran two miles, that my effort seems diminished, WHEN IT WAS NOT IN THE LEAST! As I said, an old but important message, ego has no place … My 2 miles rocked!

I’m proud of all of you,

Randy Step, an admitted obsessed runner, who wrote this to myself, as always …

2021.10.20 - Hope of Success

randy trailWriter’s block, runner’s block, mood swings or just feeling lost or in a funk? I can attest that it’s real for me and I’m sure it may be for you. I have considered myself as a pathetic optimist, a trait that sometimes gets me in trouble but also has allowed me to take bold steps that have made my life’s journey exciting and fulfilling. My optimism has been strained to be sure, but during today’s longish run, I found it was not beyond repair. I went back to what I’ve learned from racing the marathon distance, that is, to never let a negative thought in, only ones that offer hope of success. I did not allow thoughts of a politically divided country in but thoughts of the many intelligent, caring and generous people I know, people who care deeply about our country and our future, they ignore the media spin and look for ways to bring us together. Yep, every day gets a bit shorter now, and soon, a bit cooler. We will need to stoke the positive attitude to get out that door, and we will!


Randy Step, an admitted, optimistic, obsessed runner

2021.10.12 - Beat the Funk!

randy potoRandy, the so-called obsessed runner here. Feeling like a poser after 3 months of low miles due to a couple of pains. When not running, from being on the mend or when our busy lives sweep us away, or when we just fall into a funk, it’s common to feel guilty and to hide from all aspects of running. For me, I stopped writing about it, stopped listening to running podcasts, and avoided looking at my Strava run app. As I’ve said often, I write this midweek to myself, to do some soul searching but also with the hopes that it might strike a chord with others facing similar demons. That said, I should know better than to feel guilty and hide but there I went, hiding from a fact that I know, that is, once a runner, we are always runners, It’s a part of us, even when we are not running. We know what the running life is like, we know the joy and the heartache. Trying to hide is not a productive road to finding our way back. So, we can give our running a rest, without hiding, knowing our bodies and minds will let us know when to return … and perhaps some aspect of what we read, hear or see, involving running, will create the spark.

Randy Step, an admitted obsessed runner, admitting it once again.


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