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2021.10.12 - Beat the Funk!

randy potoRandy, the so-called obsessed runner here. Feeling like a poser after 3 months of low miles due to a couple of pains. When not running, from being on the mend or when our busy lives sweep us away, or when we just fall into a funk, it’s common to feel guilty and to hide from all aspects of running. For me, I stopped writing about it, stopped listening to running podcasts, and avoided looking at my Strava run app. As I’ve said often, I write this midweek to myself, to do some soul searching but also with the hopes that it might strike a chord with others facing similar demons. That said, I should know better than to feel guilty and hide but there I went, hiding from a fact that I know, that is, once a runner, we are always runners, It’s a part of us, even when we are not running. We know what the running life is like, we know the joy and the heartache. Trying to hide is not a productive road to finding our way back. So, we can give our running a rest, without hiding, knowing our bodies and minds will let us know when to return … and perhaps some aspect of what we read, hear or see, involving running, will create the spark.

Randy Step, an admitted obsessed runner, admitting it once again.


2021.04.22 - Its Time to Train!

randy coldsunnyI ran by a port-o-jon this morning and as odd as it may sound, the smell reminded me of all I miss about live events. Small things like the friendly banter in the start corrals and the odd gap of time between the starting gun and when we finally start to move forward. And the big stuff, like crossing the finish line and the shared celebration of accomplishment and hard earned pain. Races are finally inching their way back, they look a bit different with staggered starts, social distancing and mask wearing at pinch points but the basics, a running clock, a measured distance and our effort to run our planned pace and accomplish our goals makes the small stuff seem a small inconvenience.

Let’s get our butts out the door, it’s time to train!

Randy Step, an admitted obsessed runner who is full of hope.

2020.12.16 - Midweek run mail from a best selling running author

randy winter Lack of human companionship due to COVID-19 and endless cold, gray days are taking a toll. I headed out this morning into an icy wind, I overdressed a bit to help mentally get my butt out the door and to take the initial slap out of it, knowing I would regret the layers after a while as I started to sweat and create more of a chilling problem. When I do this I will often wear a pack to take off layers or to add them, usually just on the long run, a mistake not to have had it today. Live and learn, sometimes. Anyway, we ran along in a silent cold funk but getting it done. Once home, into a hot shower, and now sitting here all cozy with a cup of tea, I’m feeling fulfilled, thinking, what a valuable and awesome run I got in. The moral of this? We run to experience the high highs and the low lows. At this difficult time, it’s as close as we get to feeling totally awake, alive, and living in full color.

Never easy, always worth it, especially now.

Randy Step, an admitted obsessed runner who has a shameless plug to share, BUY MY BOOK, gift my book, enjoy my book, and “Get Your Butt Out the Door!” FIND IT HERE

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