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2023.07.12 - The run is always profound

Randy Racing GearMy weekly stab at motivation often falls far short of profound. So, today’s run is infinitely more important than anything you might read about running. On top of the physical benefits of the run, that are enough in themselves to justify each run, we learn more about ourselves and what we are capable of. On the run we escape the day to day minutia, the so-called reality that we seemed to be trapped in, and go to a place that is true reality. During the run, no matter if the run goes well or is a long torture, we get the gift of feeling fully alive, unlike the blur and haze of many of the so called, productive hours in our day. That said, perhaps we all deserve a 24-hour run!

Yes, you can.

Randy Step, an admitted obsessed runner who often finds myself in awe of what takes place during each mile of the run.


2023.07.05 - Running Apps

randy ironI admit being a fan of the tech side of running. GPS changed so much, I used to guess my daily distance based on a, guess, of my pace. I would dumb down the numbers a hair to be sure not to overestimate. Yes, I did this because the numbers are sacred, like my highest mileage week, or highest mileage year. These numbers become a part of our running history and are only valuable to us if recorded with integrity. That said, I quit keeping logbooks when I started recording my runs on Strava, one of the many running applications. Yesterday I hit 10,000 miles on the app. The data shows I had 1,678 runs, with the average run being 5.96 miles per run. I’d round it to 6, but that damn integrity … But seriously, these apps save every route down to the hundredth of a mile, allowing us to revisit our hard earned accomplishments with confidence, a wonderful addition to our incredible sport.


Every mile counts forever! Add some today!


Randy Step, an admitted obsessed runner, who made sure to run over 6 miles today, working to move that average up!


2023.06.28 - Running bum

Randy Racing GearSo many of our runs are alone, and if you run in quiet areas or trails, where it’s rare to see more than a couple others, I find that not worrying about how we look when we train is another plus to our sport. I’ll often dress in the dark, just grabbing what is often a miss matched tech top and shorts, I’ll pull on a cap over my bedhead and I’m off! Good run gear seems to last forever, and faded colors and snags from the jungle add a patina, kind of like repurposing my own gear! That said, come race day, I often hear runner say they may not be fast, but they will lining up looking fast and looking good! Hmmm … Kind of like dressing up for church!


Run wild, uninhibited, and set your soul free!


Randy Step, an admitted obsessed runner, who just can’t seem to throw out stuff that serves its purpose.


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