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2022.03.02 - Running, pain, and joy

Randy Racing GearRunning seems so simple, one foot follows another as we go from point A to point B. The reality is much deeper. Running is difficult on many levels. It is physically hard, taxing all systems of the body from muscles, tendons and ligaments to the lungs, heart, veins and arteries. Runnning is mentally difficult from the time management required to fit the run in to our busy lives to the constant struggle with our brain and body trying to convince us to walk. To the non-runner, the big question must be, why? To the runner, especially just after finishing a few, or many, punishing miles, the answer to this question is as complicated and deep as the run itself, perhaps with no adequate way to explain the pure joy of what we just did, without experiencing it.

Let’s go earn that joy,

Randy Step, an admitted obsessed runner who often feels miserable during the run but always finishes feeling grateful for what the run has given back to me, exponentially more than what I put into it. Amen.

2022.02.23 - Running, writing, and magic

Randy Racing GearLike so many things that take discipline, without the mindset, nothing happens. Some days, the body, mind, or both, are just not having it. Runner’s block, writer’s block … Over time, and from small successes along the way, we learn the tricks as we jump the blocks and move forward. It’s just hard work but we do it, staying committed to the goal and the results. Results that when they come, for some unknown reason, feel like magic. Magic, because until you cross that finish line or finally hold your published book in your hand, you feel unchanged, then, Kaboom! OMG, I just did this? There is no “just” about it but the minute you cross that finish line, you have created a you that was never there before. Sure, the reality is that all the hours and hard work were done before the magic day but on that day, what you have accomplished finally becomes a part of you. The run, the book or whatever you worked so damn hard on instantly is there to forever enrich all aspects of life from that second on. Magic.

Let’s make the magic happen,

Randy Step, an admitted obsessed runner, who, like magic, will forever be, a 2:45 marathon runner, a Kona Ironman finisher, and a published running writer … even if that 2:45 was 30 years ago!

2022.02.16 - My low-tech running playlist

snow_hat.jpgMany running events, especially trail races, for safety and common courtesy reasons, don’t allow ear pods. Based on the high percentage of runners wearing them, many may find it difficult or even a disadvantage to run without them. When they say, try nothing new on race day, that would include running with open ears. I do listen to podcasts on my phone later in my long runs so I get it on some level. That said, our brains have incredible storage and retrieval capabilities, and we all have endless playlists in our heads. It amazes me when I find myself recalling some horrible song in my head that I heard, maybe once, 30 years ago, fully orchestrated, and with no way to delete it! I was running trails today, starting off with CCR’s Green River in my head to warm up a bit. Once into it, I hit a long gentle downhill and instantly speeded things up by switching to Lady GaGa’s, I was born this way. Winded, and realizing I was not living in the moment, I cleared my mind and cruised the rest of the run in silence.

And the vision that was planted in my brain, Still remains, Within the sound of silence

Randy Step, an admitted obsessed runner, because tramps like us, baby we were born to run. That said, rejoice and love yourself today cause baby you were born this way.


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