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June 18, 2008 - Ignore the weather - You never know what it will be like on race day.

Yo run gang,

To be a consistent runner I've learned to totally ignore the weather, besides you don't have a choice when you line up on race day so you might as well know how to dress for all conditions. Never let the weather keep you from a scheduled run, plenty of other things will come up to do that anyway! Did I mention the leaves will be changing in about 3 months?

When I started doing triathlons I used to hate swimming. The water was never the right temperature and unlike running, you could not dress for it, yikes! I also never liked swimming in a pool; it reminded me of running on a treadmill, swimming back and forth in a box of water looking at a stripe, all that changed when I got a swimming wetsuit. I might get in a pool once in a while during the winter but from April to October open water swimming with a wet suite has taken away the dread of the swim workout.

Come on out to Island Lake tomorrow for a Zoot wetsuit demo and a triathlon workout. Call Jane at 248-347-4949 to RSVP and find out more. Some demo suits will be on sale cheap and we will be offering discounts on wetsuit orders.

Beginners Triathlon Clinic 6:30 PM tonight at Novi, call 248-347-4949 and say, I'm coming!

Get outside!
Randy Step, an obsessed runne, who now tolerates swimming.

2013-05-22 - Nice run!

Yo run gang,
May 22, 2013

Randy...Often in a race we are so caught up with our own experience that it's easy to forget that in every event we enter, we are surrounded by people that are accomplishing amazing personal goals, perhaps heroic feats! Finishing times and place don't tell much of a story, only the runner knows the effort it took to get to the starting line. They may have lost 100lbs or are running again after years of recovery from a near death accident or perhaps their run is a celebration, a return to a normal life after a struggle with loss and grief. Their run may be the culmination of the long road back from addiction or any personal struggle, we just don't know. That said, even if it's not life changing effort, perhaps just a personal best from putting in the training and reaping the reward from the effort, each runner has a story and we are playing a part in it as we race together. We never know when our words of encouragement or just a clap or cheer will bring a tear to an eye and joy to a heart. When we race, we are all in it together, on the home team, pushing each other to greatness!

Nice job, good work, you're awesome!

Randy Step, an admitted obsessed runner ... who never gets tired of clapping, cheering and kind words, even on days I don't deserve it.


September 10, 2008 - I am NOT going to rehab!

Yo Run Gang,

Ah, the good old hunter and gatherer days, todays life is busy, complex and stressful. The daily run seems to shed off the mental load as the miles add up. The head clears from 1,000 thoughts at once down to a singularly clear mission of movement. What would we do without running, this simple, physical and psychological gift?

Yesterday while listening to some tunes I thought up a design for the back of the shirts we offer to the Big House Big Heart Obsessed runners team. The art will say, Obsessed Runner! Said I aught to go to REHAB, I said, NO, NO, NO! Ill post the art on the website when its ready.

Please join me on Sunday, September 28 at for this amazing run that finishes on the 50 yard line of the University of Michigan stadium and is for a great cause. Enter at www.bighousebigheart.com. No additional charge to join my Obsessed Runners team, just click on Make it a 10K, or More. There is a charge if you order the obsessed shirt. Join me and make it the worlds longest 5K by running a loop of the course in advance and making it a 10K or running a 7 mile course with mile marks and aid, then running the 5K course in advance, then running the 5K, making it a half marathon! We have someone running it all twice for a full marathon if you want to join her! Yikes!

Get obsessed, stay obsessed,
Randy Step, an obsessed runner who is NOT going to rehab!

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