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May 6, 2009 - We are gearing up for longer races.

Yo Run Gang,

For many of us, along with spring running, comes an increase in weekly mileage. This is not because we were wimpy in winter its because we are gearing up for longer races, right? Anyway, as we increase mileage the body must adapt to this new level of running and there is always a risk of too much too soon and developing some new pain. Many of us are at that stage now, getting up in the morning with a sore heal, arch, hip, knee pains that go away as we warm up and get moving. I call these the good pains, not that they are good but they are better than a pain that comes up during a run, pain that increases as we continue on the run, the pains I call bad pains. The good pains call for ice after the run (Ice we often skip because, heck, the pain went away during the run.) and perhaps a day or two off to calm them down, skip these steps and the good pain might turn into a bad pain. When a bad pain comes up during a run and if we continue to run into increasing pain, we run the risk of needing weeks or months off to get back. When these pains come up, stop the run, walk home or get a ride, ice, and take several days off. If you follow this strategy, you have a good chance of dodging the long term recovery bullet. What Ive just explained is the hardest part of being a runner, which is, not finishing the planed run or race, feeling like a wimp as you do something that is just the opposite of being a wimp.

Tip of the week, go to downtown Ann Arbor Friday night for dinner, and catch the all downtown merchants moonlight madness sale, including Running Fit, open to 11 PM!

Enjoy every healthy day,

Randy Step, an obsessed runner, flirting with the edge

2012-10-31 - Every moment

Yo run gang,

This is my attempt to explain what I am learning and observing from my friend Amy's road to recovery after she was struck by a truck while out training. Grief sucks ... and worse yet, slows our path to acceptance and the reality that only learning, then moving and looking forward, matter.


All setbacks vary in severity and the road back to the front of the pack can be a long one but it's what we do, what we've trained to do and what makes this competitive life precious, perhaps it's the essence of our life. The goal is always clear, to get back to the starting line, and share what we've learned to help others get to get to the starting line. Every moment of this life is precious ... even the moment we are struck by a truck that breaks half the bones in our body and puts us in a coma.

Live, love, learn and run again,

Randy Step, an obsessed runner, running with a smile and a drying tear.

P.S. Amy has survived several reconstructive surgeries, is healing well and is out of the life threatening aspects of the crash. Amy's brain trauma was severe but she makes progress forward every day and continues to impress the crew working with her in the rehabilitation unit. It may take months or years but I know that Amy will be back on the run again.


2012-08-08 - Proud

Yo run gang,


Why do we take our bodies to the limit, to the point that we insult our senses, even to a state of panic? I bet just asking ourselves these questions is cathartic, I'm sure that as we contemplate why, a plethora of responses shakes loose and start to flow ... Passion! Obsession! Nirvana! The chance to feel complete, living life in full color and on the crumbling edge ... Knowing that even a crash won't shake the fulfillment of the moment that we have created for ourselves. Amen.

I ran into my American hero last week, Bob Ranta, pounding out the miles at Island Lake Recreation Area, 80 years young, a great dad, husband, Ironman triathlete and for as long as I've known him, a sober alcoholic, a man who traded up in the obsession game! Bob worked into his 70's so he could afford the toys of his trade, running shoes, fast bikes, wetsuits and race entry fees. God blessed you Bob!


Randy Step, an unashamed, obsessed, American runner, proud to the point of tears of every athlete in London!

PS: Run Woodstock is just a month away, please don't miss this chance to trip to a bygone age of peace, love, music and sweat! Enjoy classic rock, running and healing. Walk, run, rock ... rest! At Run Woodstock you can find whatever your body and mind needs, commit now at runwoodstock.com.  Be it your first 5k, or for you fall marathon maniacs looking for the perfect long mileage weekend, Run Woodstock is the answer. Peace out.

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