2012-02-01 - Smart & Efficient

A common comment I hear, "I'm not really a runner, I only run 2 to 3 miles, 3 or 4 times a week." I have thought about this and where this mindset comes from. Lacing them up and getting out the door, consistently, while putting in minimally 5 miles a week lets me know this person is definitely a runner and a dedicated runner at that! My guess is when we look at ourselves we have a tendency to compare what we do, for example running, with the people we know that run more than we do, not those who do less and not looking at the whole picture, we sell our accomplishments short. 

If we look at all we do in a week, between family, business, socially and then look at the commitment it takes to put in the weekly runs that we do get in, and then consider the physical and mental benefits these runs give us, we'll realize we are not only RUNNERS but smart and efficient ones!  


Run smart,

 --Randy Step,  an admitted obsessed runner, a runner, just like you! 

 PS: 30 years ago today, I lined up with my bride Kathy in Kona for a sub 12 hour Ironman performance that changed my life forever.
I went to Hawaii as a funeral director, obsessed runner and triathlete ... and I have never worked a day in my life since. Thank you all for helping me live the dream! (Good trivia, yes: we raced in the  Kona World Championship race twice in 82', as they moved and have held the race to October ever since!)
PS: The Super 5K Volunteer Registration is now open! 
  Join us on February 5 in Novi as we kick off Super Bowl Sunday! Voluneer Now!
PS: Life is too important to be taken seriously (quote credit goes to Victor S.)!
Join me on June 16th at the Canton Liberty Festival 5 and 10K... dressed as the Statue of Liberty! Seriously! Costume included with race entry! Stay tuned, more info to follow...

June 11, 2008 - Everything to excess is the way to go!

Yo run gang,

Day to day life is too wild and busy to cram in another thing so to get those long term goals accomplished, you need to over commit! People who do everything do everything and those who do little do little more. So, you want to run a fall marathon or half marathon? Today is the day to sign up and start the training plan. Yikes! To make the marathon training adventure fun and successful you need to avoid mistakes. By joining Running Fit 501 (Yes, a 500 level class for running!) you will be ready! Our coaches are smart, fun, motivating and great at time management! Go to www.runningfit501.com

Everything to excess is the way to go! I like to run lots of miles in the winter, hit the spring races then turn into a summer triathlete. After the August Tris wind down I go back into full run mode bumping up the miles just in time for the fall races, all without missing a beat!

My tri training schedule? 3 weekly runs, swims and rides. A long day of each and a quick tempo fast day of each and a junk mileage day of each OK, I might slip in a couple extra runs in there when they should be extra swim and ride days but

If you'd like to give a Tri a try, we have a couple clinics coming up (No charge but you need to RSVP) that will get you ready for the T-Rex Tri, 6:30 PM Wednesday August 13th (.5 mile swim, 12.4 mile bike and 3.1 mile run - www.runtrextri.com).

The clinics will be at 6:30 PM on June 18th out of the Novi Running Fit and 6:30 PM July 1st at Running Fit West Bloomfield. On Thursday June 19th, we will have a triathlon swim & run workout at Island Lake Recreation Area; this will include a Zoot Wet Suite and Zoot Tri shoe try on and demo! For more info go to www.runtrextri.com/triathlonclinic.pdf.

Get out and run, swim, run, bike, run!
Randy Step