2023.08.30 - Running in moderation, NOT

Randy Racing GearThey say, everything in moderation. I say, everything in moderation, even, moderation. (You can quote me on this, I think it’s my original line) For sure, we need to go right to the edge at some point in this life, the point that we are in awe of what we are capable of, which is often more than we thought possible. There is no way to get there than to take the leap, and yes, some pain and setbacks may be involved. That said, some training, and a calculated risk are part of finding out who we are and who we might be. With the epic run comes self-discovery, the staff of life, it happens every time we run farther or faster than we ever did before.

Run out there find nirvana, yes, you can,

Randy Step, an admitted obsessed runner who has hit some incredible highs and has had to crawl back from the lowest of lows. I remember the highs! Dig it!


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