2023.06.07 - An Honest Run

freep2I seem to be seeing more stories of runners cheating by cutting courses during races. If true, this strikes me as just sad. Running itself is so pure and honest, we run, and the distance and times, slow, fast, meeting our goals or being disappointed, tells our story. Each run becomes part of us and the rich history of our running life, if we cheat any of it, we ruin all we have achieved. That said, our personal bests can never be taken away from us, they are ours to take pride in and tell stories about, right up to our last breath! And the runs that went bad, and how we delt with them, or how we accepted them, are the learning experiences that make us who we are. Through pain, we grow.


Run true, it’s what we do,


Randy Step, an admitted obsessed runner, who will be camping and running trails this weekend! Join me!


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