2023.05.03 - Running is Hard

randy potoPerhaps life is a bit easier than the early days, before electricity and modern medicine, but there is and may always be tough days. Death, addiction, war, extreme weather, fires and many diseases that still have no cure are just a start. Some days life seems easy, but eventually we will all face hard days. As runners, we have an understanding of hard, we run, which is never easy. Sure, we run miles that our glorious, but only because we faced the hard miles that made the glorious miles possible. Glorious, but again, never really easy. When we run, we prepare ourselves for life, we learn a bit about enduring pain and fatigue, we learn how to get to the finish.

May todays run prepare you for glory,

Randy Step, an admitted obsessed runner who like you, is know to smile through the pain.


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