2023.02.22 - Ageless Running

randy ironI’m surrounded by friends who are retiring, luckily I’ve never had a job so I can’t retire! That said, some of my running friends seemed to have retired from running at the same time as the job, while others have upped their game, which seems to make a hell of a lot more sense with them having the extra time. We know that going for a run has nothing to do with age, it’s only related to being healthy and being able to run. Looking at age group records, Gene Dykes, at age 70, ran 2:54 for the marathon just this year and the record for over 80 is 3:15. The woman’s over 70 record is 3:27 and over 80 is 4:12. Of course, these are world records but like all world records they motivate us all at any level to know we are in a ageless sport, dig it! Let’s never play the age card and we shall stay ageless, like our sport!

Run forever,

Randy Step, an admitted obsessed runner who loves the T-shirt with the words, Dumb Asses in Shoes! That’s us! Let’s get out there in the weather and prove this to the world! Ha

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