2023.01.04 - The run defined

Randy Racing GearLike so many things that defy definition … The run is like a good friend, a lover, perhaps an alluring temptress, for sure it is just as vexing. Some days, our run can be elegant, and our form together is graceful, a moving work of art, pretty cool. We may hurt financially but the run can be opulent, luxurious, priceless, dare I say, out of our league, and something the sedentary world would envy, ha! Some runs are luminous, like a fine performance, hard to describe and only for us to experience. And of course, runs are addictive, always brining us back for more. Like a hot date, the run can be incorrigible, the temptress I mentioned, out of our control and unmanageable, but we put the hammer down and follow, straight to hell if that’s where we are lead, suckers ... Unlike much of life, our run can be capricious, impulsive, unpredictable, and spontaneous, we head out without forethought or planning and the next think we know is we are miles from home, following a new trail with no sense of direction, time, or anything sensible, dig it! Some runs are vibrant, coursing with energy that we feed on. This seems to happen on days we head out thinking we are in for a painful slog, and instead, find ourselves unstoppable! Some runs are just plain unworldly, ethereal, giving us glimpses of something beyond, or, a line I love, above the astral plane … And this happens just because we got our butt out the door? Woah! What are we sitting here for???


And just to think, the run chose us! Don’t say no!


Randy Step, an admitted obsessed runner, and after writing this, I am again reminded why! That said, did you notice I did not mention, that some days the run just sucks?

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