2022.07.14 - Run and suffer

Randy Racing GearAt the end of a long run that goes well, I get a feeling like I won the lottery. Most times I head out for these runs with such intrepidation, knowing from past long runs, that so often they end up ugly and that chances are slim that it’s going to be fun, not to mention, how brutally hard the long run can get. Any sane person who reads what I just wrote is thinking, why the hell do this at all? Fortunately, we know that ugly or gorgeous, the satisfaction we get when the long run is over is always sweet, and unfortunately, the only way to get to that sweet spot is to suffer.

Suffer well my running family!

Randy Step, an admitted obsessed runner who had a rare good long run this morning with just the perfect mix of pain, fatigue and glory. On another note, I know on a beautiful summer day who can think of booking a trip to Jamaica in January? The fact is without planning, nothing happens. Join me in Jamaica for a week of running, walking and laying around! We have 24 going so far, 3 more rooms available! Learn more HERE.

More close to home, come out and camp this weekend. We’ll get in walks, runs, swims, bike rides or whatever, then sit around a fire. All camp fees are donated.

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