2022.06.01 - Bad weather running, so what?

Randy Racing GearThe weather for Saturday Morning’s Traverse City Bayshore Races was what would be called ideal to most runners. No wind, mid 40’s to start, then moving up to perhaps 60 for the late finishers. Two days later or earlier it would have been warm and muggy. For those of us who train and run smart, with respect for the distance and day we are given, perhaps we will place far better against our ill-prepared peers on a so-called bad day. That said, joy and pain are what we line up for, we take ourselves to our limit and when it goes as we had hoped, we stand in wonder at what we have accomplished, when it goes bad we hope to learn from it.

We run, we get it,

Randy Step, an admitted obsessed runner who often jokes about so called perfect days … I hate days like that, they leave no excuses to use for when we don’t reach our goals! Ha!

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