2022.05.18 - No Run for me

Randy Racing GearWe put in the hard miles to build our base, like building a house by hand, board by board, mile by mile. We feel the progress and newfound endurance, like seeing the house finally taking shape, then … It burns to the ground as some part of this amazing body breaks. Perhaps we were posting, boasting, and feeling bullet proof at a time we should have been carefully and quietly respecting the climb and watching for warning shots across the bow. When we up the miles we are upping the ante, upping the risk, hoping to run that fine line, near, but not over the crumbling edge. Perhaps we were playing the weekend warrior and lost a battle, or perhaps were cautious and still broke. Dang. Now, we start over, knowing how sweet it will feel to get back to that first pain free mile.

Run smart, recover smarter,

Randy Step, an admitted obsessed runner who has not run for 7 days due to weekend stupidity. Tomorrow, I inch my way back. Spring is dangerous all the way around.

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