2022.03.02 - Running, pain, and joy

Randy Racing GearRunning seems so simple, one foot follows another as we go from point A to point B. The reality is much deeper. Running is difficult on many levels. It is physically hard, taxing all systems of the body from muscles, tendons and ligaments to the lungs, heart, veins and arteries. Runnning is mentally difficult from the time management required to fit the run in to our busy lives to the constant struggle with our brain and body trying to convince us to walk. To the non-runner, the big question must be, why? To the runner, especially just after finishing a few, or many, punishing miles, the answer to this question is as complicated and deep as the run itself, perhaps with no adequate way to explain the pure joy of what we just did, without experiencing it.

Let’s go earn that joy,

Randy Step, an admitted obsessed runner who often feels miserable during the run but always finishes feeling grateful for what the run has given back to me, exponentially more than what I put into it. Amen.

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