2022.1.19 - Run away from the Cold

Randy Racing GearNot everybody can escape, but if you can take a few days to put a crack in the ice of winter, the break can be the bridge to get you through it. A Michigan to Southwest florida road trip can be a bit of a magic trick and you will avoid any Covid or weather plane cancelations. With two drivers, a good recorded book and a few podcasts, if you hit the road at 3 AM you can squeak by the Atlanta rush hour and arrive south by 11 PM. Better yet, once past Atlanta, stop for a short head clearing run, then carry on. The magic part, you get in the car, it’s 15 degrees, you get out of the car at midnight and it’s 70! I take to heart my advice to run easy and short through December and January, so lining up for the Naples half marathon last Sunday, based on my 8 mile long runs, would be a true adventure. The great part about not being trained is that if the race goes bad you don’t get the feeling that you threw away all your hard work. If you finish, you win! So, I won! Now, for some easy miles this week on flat Florida jungle trails at Lover’s Key State Park. Dig it. As Thelma said on her road trip with Lousie, “I’ve never felt this alive!”

Yep, you can do this,

Randy Step, an admitted obsessed runner, crackin’ the ice

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