2021.11.30 - This Running Life

randy flowersRunning, a multifaceted, revitalizing sport for our mind, body, and life. I spent some time today reworking the layout for Run Woodstock so we will be ready to open registration on December 1st. Just walking this wonderful piece of wilderness and picturing how each campsite might be set up brought an emotional high, a flashback to a magic weekend. Camping is pretty cool on its own merits, bringing a variety of people outside and away from the man-made world we live in day-to-day. It struck me that the magic of Run Woodstock was not just from the natural beauty and aspect of camping but from our shared love of running that brought us together. I pictured conversations around the campfire sharing our goals with others who get it and how different a weekend devoted to running is from the day-to-day loner miles we put in. Or when we go to races where we show up, share pain and glory, perhaps a post-race beer, then head back to our daily lives.

This running life, never easy, always worth it,

Randy Step, an admitted obsessed runner who is content knowing running plays a huge part of the meaning of life and my priorities are sound.

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