2021.04.22 - Its Time to Train!

randy coldsunnyI ran by a port-o-jon this morning and as odd as it may sound, the smell reminded me of all I miss about live events. Small things like the friendly banter in the start corrals and the odd gap of time between the starting gun and when we finally start to move forward. And the big stuff, like crossing the finish line and the shared celebration of accomplishment and hard earned pain. Races are finally inching their way back, they look a bit different with staggered starts, social distancing and mask wearing at pinch points but the basics, a running clock, a measured distance and our effort to run our planned pace and accomplish our goals makes the small stuff seem a small inconvenience.

Let’s get our butts out the door, it’s time to train!

Randy Step, an admitted obsessed runner who is full of hope.

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