2020.01.14 - Run if you should

randy winterAs you know, I keep going back to the theme of the lack of motivation to get out the door and always coming back from the run smiling and happy we got out. Today, I face the opposite dilemma, I really feel like getting out there but I have a bit of an Achilles pain and know I should take a couple days off, dang. The worst part, taking the day off will not leave me smiling and happy because I took the day off. Nothing about our sport is easy, nothing good comes easy. Running must be great because taking today off sucks! Because of today's difficult decision, most likely I'll be back out there pain free in a couple days feeling smart, and smiling, before and after the run.

Run if you should

Randy Step, an admitted obsessed runner, with time on my hands in place of my run to do some core work, that I hate to do but will. I only write this so I will actually do this or feel even more guilty!

PS: Before you get into your serious spring and summer running, join us for some FUN before the big game at the Super 5K! Get off the couch on February 2, 2020 and join us in Novi, MI! SWEET swag, FUN halfway show and AMAZING junk food! runsuperbowl.com

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