2019-09-18 - Runners are not bullet proof

randy flowersRunning may not add years to our life but it does add life to our years. The physical and mental benefits are many, and I feel finding our way into this running life is a gift. All that said, a recent heart attack death of a 54 year old woman after a work-out was a harsh reminder that we need to take the time to do the health screening that looks for any hidden medical issues that might put our active lives at risk. I've always said, stress tests are a pretty cool workout! A chance to take ourselves to the edge of collapse and to gain some confidence in our ticker's well-being.
If you haven't, get 'er checked!
Randy Step, an admitted obsessed runner is proud of all of you, and worry about all of you.

PS: There is a volunteer tab on each RF Event web page that lets you pick your hours and volunteer position. We will all be proud of you and you will be proud of yourself ... Not to mention, you will get a $30 voucher for your next event ... And another dang T-Shirt with special bragging rights!

P.S.: Join us for the Inaugural GO APPLES! 5K and 1 Mile in Charlotte, MI on October 26th. Expect a fun fall day as you pass by rows of apple trees and the pumpkin patch. Soft cotton shirt to all entrants, sweet apple medal, cider and donuts to all finishers! Go Apples! is the last stop of the Michigan Orchard Challenge - NEW for 2019

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